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Fig Interview with Dr. Ricky Haug from Core Family Practice

Posted June 29, 2017 by Admin in Healthy Living

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Fig Interview with Dr. Ricky Haug from Core Family Practice

Fig is always looking out for local businesses and given that health care costs take up so much of the bottom line or an unattainable expense for many businesses we thought the unique practice model of Core Family Practice may be worth exploring! We chatted with Dr. Ricky Haug and got some unique insight to share. 

1. Core Family Practice utilizes the direct primary care model – what is direct primary care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative, commonsense approach to primary care that restores the doctor/patient relationship by removing the middle man: insurance companies. This model allows for longer visit times, improved access (email/texting/videochat/phone calls with your doctor), in-house pharmacy and an in-house lab all leading to a patient centered experience. All of this for a low monthly membership fee – like a gym membership.

2. How would DPC work for employers?

This model is a perfect fit for a self-insured company or any company looking to make their benefit package more robust. High deductible health plans often only provide patients with catastrophic plans because all of their day to day needs will be out of pocket until they hit their deductible. That is where we can help contain costs while providing a more robust experience. Even for small businesses that cannot afford to offer employees traditional health plans Core Family Practice may be an option for comprehensive primary care coverage. We have the ability for flexible hours to make sure your employees can get care when they need it.

3. Why would an employer want DPC?

Healthier employees are good for business – increased productivity, decreased missed work days and decreased injuries. A more comprehensive health plan is also a great benefit and can help employers hold on to good employees.

4. How does DPC lead to healthier employees?

At Core Family Practice we remove the barriers to proactive preventive care. There are no copays/deductibles, we have same day/next day appointments, little or no wait times at your appointment, longer visits to address all needs (prevents leaving work for another visit) and flexible visits – phone/videochat/email/text. If it is easy to get in to see your doctor or consult your doctor without an extra fee for the employee they are much more likely to take care of themselves. 

5. Anything else that makes Core Family Practice unique?

We have an in-house pharmacy and an in-house lab with deeply discounted cash pricing.  Patients do not have to utilize this, they can use their insurance, but for a self-insured company or an employee with a high deductible plan it can save quite a bit of money. We can do weight management visits – I often meet with patients every 2-4 weeks. We have the ability to do most urgent care type visits – sutures (stiches), injury management, sick visits. Procedures such as strep tests, EKG, urine tests, simple skin procedures, cryotherapy, breathing treatments and sutures are included in the membership. We have the flexibility to set up worksite visits/home visits. Our longer visits (60min for new patients and 30-45min for follow ups) allows for more efficient work-ups. This leads to less downstream costs (testing, specialists, ER visits) for companies and employees.

6. Health insurance is prohibitively expensive for many small businesses.  Does an employer have to pair Core Family Practice with a commercial or self-insured plan?

No. Although Core Family Practice is not insurance it can be a stand-alone service that allows for comprehensive primary care coverage. We always encourage the employee to obtain some sort of catastrophic coverage in case they needed a hospitalization, surgery or specialist workup. 

7. How much is membership to Core Family Practice

Individual membership for an adult 25 and older is $65 a month and under 25 is $30 monthly. If a company has multiple employees it is looking to sign up the rates will be a bit lower. 5-10 employees signed = $55 per employee per month. >10 employees the monthly price would drop to $50 per employee per month. I am a big proponent of price transparency, which is certainly lacking in medicine. All medications and lab prices are available upon request. 

8. How are your prices so reasonable?

When you remove the middle man the prices for health care come way down. I don’t need nearly the same amount of staff as an office that accepts insurance. The actual cost of supplies/tests is significantly lower than what our insurance company charges us. For example, a cholesterol test at our office is $9 cash.

9. How do companies find out more about Core Family Practice

Our website has a lot of information about direct primary care but the best way is to give us a call and set up a meeting 610-612-9283.


Fig Interview with Dr. Ricky Haug from Core Family Practice

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