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    Meet Fig Kennett Contributor: RuthAnn Deveney

    We are so excited to welcome local expert RuthAnn Deveney to the team as a Fig Kennett Contributor! She will be writing feature blogs for Fig Kennett online. We recently asked RuthAnn some questions to help us introduce her to you. Look out for her writings, reviews, and blogs here on 



    What do you love about your area?

    I really enjoy living in a small town and connecting with the same folks on a day-to-day basis. I love that lots of people know our dog’s name, that I see the same patrons when I volunteer at the library, and that any town gathering when they close traffic (a parade, a Third Thursday, the Mushroom Drop) means connecting with our friends and neighbors.



    What is your favorite local restaurant? Favorite museum, landmark, place to visit?

    My favorite place to visit is Longwood Gardens, especially in the spring, because everything is blooming and smells wonderful. When the weather is nice, I love to walk around the Meadow Garden and then pick a nice bench to sit and read. My husband and I have had a membership for as long as we’ve lived here, and it’s so nice to pop in quickly for a walk or a special exhibit.



    Why do you like writing for Fig? 

    I love Kennett Square, and I want other people to love it, too, so Fig gives me an outlet to help me spread the word about the town. I enjoy writing about the fun events, shops, and restaurants that we have (because they are really great), but I believe that loving your town goes beyond what it can offer you. Loving where you live means caring about it and strengthening it, and I hope that Fig can be a part of how I help Kennett Square stay strong.



    Where can we find you on a Friday night? Or on a Saturday?

    On Fridays, I might be enjoying a drink on the patio at Victory or just at home reading a book, decompressing from the week. On Saturdays, my husband and I like to take a morning walk downtown with our dog, Ted, and stop at Philter for breakfast. Ted enjoys being the welcome party for anyone else who stops by Philter in the morning!



    What’s your dream day in your location?

    My perfect day in Kennett Square is in the fall, when it’s sunny and crisp out! I’ll start with a morning walk with my husband and our dog, Ted, and get breakfast outside at Philter. Before we walk home, I’ll run across the street to Talula’s to pick up a baguette, cheese babies, and sausages for lunch later on. In the afternoon, we’ll all go to the park: my husband will play a round of disc golf while I walk the course with Ted (I am a terrible shot!), and then we’ll score a patio table at Victory for dinner. Of course, we will order whatever looks good on tap.



    How long have you lived in your area?

    My husband and I did a lot of things in the same year: got married, bought a house, and moved to Kennett Square! This was in 2005, so it’s been 12 years for a lot of life milestones.



    What do you feel you bring to Fig as a local expert?

    I am a very curious person, and I enjoy hearing about and sharing what other people are excited about. There are so many interesting people and things in our town, and Kennett Square is always changing, so I feel like there is something new to learn about every day. I can’t help but evangelize the cool stuff we have here.



    What’s a fun, unique talent you possess?

    I’m pretty good at recommending books! I love to read, and I usually recommend way more books than a person needs at a given time. Try me!