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    Historic Kennett Fundraiser: A Recap

    If you were to ask me my favorite part of Kennett Square, I will 10/10 always say that it’s the willingness of the people in this town to help out with a good, old-fashioned fundraiser. And on the evening of September 13th, I was not let down by the efforts of the citizens, business owners, and town figures alike. Kennett Square is nothing if not spirited, and an evening of guest bartenders at Kennett Brewing Company was certainly one for the books.


    Backed by the wonderful staff at KBC, local business owners and other well-known faces from around town got behind the bar to give their serving skills a chance to shine, and no one was disappointed. Dressed to the nines in costume and chic garb, the guest bartenders took their place to compete for the highest amount of tips per half-an-hour time slot. The purpose of the evening was to fundraise for Historic Kennett, in order to promote the betterment of the town by creating new events and activities for people to participate in.


    Alongside the entertainment provided by the bartenders, a silent auction also took place, offering baskets with goodies such as Flyers tickets, swag from various boutiques and shops around town, coveted BrewFest tickets, and of course, mushroom merch. The roster of bartenders included familiar faces, such as township manager, Lisa Moore, Sandra Mulry of The Creamery, Doug Harris of State & Union, and many others. It was incredible to see so many people gather for such a unique event and support the town in which their business and work lives thrive. And it was equally incredible to see the relationships between these business owners and public figures and the people they encounter on a day-to-day basis. It certainly shows the closeness of everyone in this town.

    Photos by Dave Pyle

    The duration of the evening spanned from 6pm-9pm, broken into time slots with two guest bartenders for each slot. The goal was to collect as many tips as possible in support of Historic Kennett, an organization known for its heavy participation within the Kennett community. Guest bartenders were in charge of gathering drink orders—the usual, delectable beer choices as well as wine and a small selection of mixed drinks—and relay these orders to the KBC staff, who would then pour the beer and ring out the transactions. Then it was up to the bar patrons to tip their favorite barkeeps in order to boost their numbers for the evening.


    Deanna Johnson of Marché and Amanda Kane of Salt+Stone claimed the win with the highest amount of tips earned per their half-an-hour time block. The pair was both entertaining to watch and wonderful to support, as were the many other participants of the evening.

    Photos by Dave Pyle

    The event itself was curated by Meredith Langer, a guest bartender of the night and also a prominent face around town. Langer also played a huge role in the holiday market from last season and is known for her beautiful calligraphy skills, which can be spotted on the window of Nomadic Pies and on the original tables at Philter Coffee. She also holds a spot within Historic Kennett’s branding department, which led her to devise this unique fundraising effort, which was certainly a great time for all those involved on both sides of the bar.


    As always, Mark and Jossy of Kennett Brewing Company were present, and their hosting skills were as lovely as always. The pair never disappoint with their ability to hold conversation with anyone and everyone that happens to find themselves seated at the bar, whether on a casual Tuesday evening or a bumping Saturday night. The pair always make time to ensure that everyone feels right at home, which made KBC a wonderful venue for such a special event.


    Overall, the night was a huge success, both as a fundraiser and as a fun night out. From where I sat at the center of the bar (amidst the party that it was), everyone seemed to be having a good time chatting with friends and supporting the town they love.