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    The Inside Guide to The Kennett Flash

    For those of you familiar with the music scene of Kennett Square (which if you’re not, you should invest some time into it, because it’s awesome), you’ve probably heard word of The Kennett Flash. But if you have not heard of the small (but powerful) venue, it’s certainly worth checking out.


    Run solely with the help of volunteers, The Kennett Flash has hosted many local and not-so-local musical attractions. From Rocky Horror Picture Show performances to bands such as District 97 (which I recently had the pleasure of seeing) and Crossroads (which I’ve seen twice and can’t get enough of) featuring local architect Dennis Melton—the variety of tunes is never disappointing.


    The idea behind The Kennett Flash, from the brilliant mind of Andrew Miller, was to help get musicians into town, as well as help local performers to get their voices heard. Open mic nights are held twice a month, welcoming newcomers and veterans to the stage for a night of entertaining performances ranging from music to comedy shows.


    The space itself is just the right size for charming Kennett Square, tucked just off of E. State Street in the same building as C.E. Solutions and La Verona. The small size and ideal layout of the venue offers a closeness to performers that makes for a warm and intimate evening, allowing the audience to really feel involved in the musical experience. Performers can clearly communicate to and see their audience as well—which promotes an entertaining back and forth conversation between the artists and their captive listeners that keeps everyone engaged throughout the entirety of the shows.


    Ticket prices are incredibly reasonable, usually starting around $15 and going up from there, depending on the musician.

    Other notable performers include cover bands of Phil Collins (yes, that’s right) and many others, as well as those performing their original tunes. The variety is outstanding, and there’s something to satisfy every music-lover’s genre needs.


    District 97, the most recent band that I’ve seen perform at The Flash, has performed there one other time in the past and seemed to enjoy their visits to Kennett Square. Their music can be defined as progressive rock, which definitely didn’t disappoint. Headed by past American Idol contestant Leslie Hunt, this quirky group rocked the house with a unique blend of sounds and interesting stories about their time performing with now deceased John Wetton, of Asia fame. The band had a wonderful assortment of songs from their three albums and included a newer piece titled “The Apprentice.” That piece focused on the current political climate in our country. It was very clever and well-received among the crowd.


    In the event that there’s a particular musician performing at The Flash that you’ve been dying to see, I’d highly suggest checking it out because you don’t get any closer than this. The food, delicious snacks provided by State Street Pizza, and drink offerings enhance the experience even more.


    So do yourself a great service and grab a friend, spouse, or the whole fam, snag some tickets on The Flash’s website or at the door, and check out this awesome space tucked right in our own magical hometown. I promise you won’t be disappointed.