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    Holiday Fashion in Kennett

    Hello everyone. Welcome to the best time of year, also known as the holiday season! I eagerly await the first of November to start blasting the holiday tunes relentlessly, baking cookies, and spending a little extra time with the family, and while I support those who want to wait until, at least, the beginning of December to get in the spirit, I’ll say you’re missing out on a whole thirty days of extra cheer.


    Anyway, with the holidays rapidly approaching, the time is perfect for winter fashion statements, the gift of garb, and a reason to pick up a few extra goodies for yourself and those you love. So let me be the first to expose you to the wonderful world of the Kennett shops.


    First, if you want anything warm and snuggly that also doubles as practical, look no further than State & Union and Trail Creek Outfitters. While the two stores offer hiking apparel and travel gear, they’re vastly different from one another in the brands that they offer–so be sure to check out both.


    State & Union prominently features the brand United By Blue, a clothing company that hugely helps protect the environment by sponsoring trash clean-ups throughout the year. The brand offers soft but sturdy vests, socks, pants, and other helpful attire to hit the trails with. They also carry Red Wings, which are highly popular, as well as brands such as Pendleton and Shinola, perfect for anyone on your list.


    Trail Creek, on the other hand, offers other sustainable brands, such as Hydroflask for all your holiday hydration needs (I bought one the first time I went in, and immediately felt like a goddess… so certainly follow my lead on that one) and Patagonia, which offers majestically snuggly pullovers and vests that I dream of curling up in and wearing forever.


    LEFT: Trail Creek Outfitters. RIGHT: Penny Lane Emporium. 

    So for anyone on your Christmas list that seeks adventure and total comfort, look no further than these two outdoorsy hotspots, and you surely won’t be disappointed.


    Next on your list are probably your children. And even if you do not have children of your own, I’m sure there are some little ones somewhere in your life that you can wildly spoil. And if you can think of a few, stroll on down to Penny Lane Emporium, a whimsical little shop with everything from petite pajama sets to cheery marquee lights to jewelry and games. Everything about Penny Lane exudes happiness. You can’t walk in there without feeling an overwhelming sense of joy as you make your way past tiny onesies, huggable pug heating pads, and creative goodies for the little kiddos in your life. I often find myself loving the clothes a little too much and secretly wishing that they’d make them in my size, too. So be sure to check this magical, little place out on your casual stroll through town, especially if you’re feeling the winter blues. This store is absolutely the fix that you need to cure any lurking sadness.


    Speaking of blue (the color and not the dismal emotion this time), No. 109 has an incredible blue velvet shirt that I saw and fell in love with instantly. In fact, No. 109’s entire selection of luscious velvet tops and accessories has me smitten. From adorable and practical clutches to shirts perfect for New Year’s parties or family gatherings, Heather has got you covered. From off the shoulder pieces to an extravagant plunging neckline, there’s something for every occasion. Be sure to check out No. 109 on your holiday endeavors for some cozy, comfy velvet pieces and stay warm and stylish this holiday season.


    No. 109

    No. 109


    A little further down the road on W. State Street, you’ll find Marché—an epicenter for home goods and clothing galore. If you’re in the market for anything to enhance your holiday hosting abilities, look no further than this store. From fine china to decorative candles and napkins and so much more, it can all be found here. Their cutlery collection would be well-suited in any holiday party situation, as well as their table decor and their unique collection of table linens.


    Marché will also be hosting two brunch sessions called the Grateful Table Series (information can be found on their Facebook page). The series focuses on lessons in hosting, such as demonstrating floral arrangements, and more. These sessions will lead into Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, so be sure to act fast if you are interested in these new and exciting brunch gatherings.


    For anyone who hasn’t already seen it, Ashley Austin’s holiday window display already has me weeping tears of real joy. From the majestic, silver Christmas tree and stockings to the warm glow of twinkle lights, everything about it screams “welcome to the holiday season!” Inside, they offer a ton of winter necessities, such as oversized scarves, cute sparkly shoes, wine bottle straws (because being a little tipsy makes chilly winter evenings a little more bearable), and tumblers for all your hot beverage needs. Everything is bright and colorful and endlessly cheerful, so definitely don’t hesitate to stop in.


    Turner and Co. 

    Ashley Austin

    A little further out of town, in Willowdale next to Sovana Bistro, is Turner and Co., a store filled with warm and inviting sweaters, jackets, jeans, scarves, and much more. You will also be greeted by some adorable four-legged friends upon entering, which makes the experience all the more inviting. Some pieces to mention are a unique blazer/sweater combo, which has been so popular that it is on backorder for the season, so be sure to get your request in early. The most popular variant of this piece is black with a camouflage sweater insert that offers a little pop of color. The material is super soft and comforting for cold days–when we all just want to be snuggled up in the comfort of our blankets instead of being in the real world for a day.


    Other shops in the Kennett mix include Chantilly Blue, Green Eyed Lady, Bove’s Jewelers, Salt & Stone, Shop Mamie, the two used bookstores (aka my home), the many salons and hairdressers where you can find a wide array of help in finding your holiday look, as well as styling products to keep you going all day long. So in your holiday shopping festivities, be sure to check out all that Kennett Square has to offer, including the lights parade to kick off all the holiday joy!