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    Winter Blues

    When I think of the wintertime, I think of the holiday season. And little else, honestly. So when those holidays have come and gone, I have little desire to think about the bleak next few months. So as a favor to all of you, I’m going to compile a list of things you can do around town to stay warm, have fun, and survive this frigidly cold, snowy winter!


    First, I would like to start off by saying that there is something for everyone in Kennett Square. I’ve said it before, and of course I’ll say it again, Kennett activities know no limits. From community events and art showings, to live music and delicious foods, our small town really does have it all.


    Let’s start with eating, shall we? Because that’s my favorite thing to do and Kennett offers a unique variety of treats to enjoy! The Market at Liberty Place is a goldmine for foodies. Between Kaboburritos, Mezze, State Street, Buddy’s, Squeeze, Y’or So Sweet, and Dylan’s Desserts, almost, if not all the important food groups are accounted for. From pizza and crepes, to burritos and ice cream, the market has it all. Not to mention the space is laid out well to hunker down and get some work done during these cold months. I often find myself seated at the high top table by Squeeze—smoothie in hand—working on some writing, editing, or good ol’ fashioned people-watching from one of the best perches in town.


    While the market has plenty of good options, don’t forget to head down State Street for other delectable eateries, such as Nomadic Pies, La Verona, Talula’s Table, Philter Coffee, Grain, and so much more. There’s always something for every palette in our little town. Grain also is host to Monday evening trivia and Tuesday night bingo, so be sure to check those out as well!

    If eating isn’t your thing (it shouldn’t really be mine either, since I’m trying to stick to New Year’s resolutions), there are plenty of other things around to keep you sane during the cold months. For those of us who enjoy a good book, the Bayard Taylor Memorial Library is a great place to start. Home to many unique programs for both adults and children alike, there’s something fun for everyone. For example, on the last Thursday of the month a book club meeting is held for adults looking to participate in some group reading. For kids, there’s Arcade Night, Magic the Gathering nights, as well as Paws for Reading and Toddler Playgroup. With everyone in the family in mind, the Kennett Library nails it.


    If you’re looking for other ways to keep your children entertained during the winter season, there are also workshops to be held at Penny Lane Emporium. Upcoming events are soon to be listed on the store’s website. Previous events include activities such as yoga, building terrariums, jewelry making, and more.


    For those who are brave and enjoy living life in the great outdoors, Anson B. Nixon Park offers walking trails open year round. Just be sure to bundle up before heading out for a walk or a run. Covered in snow, the park takes on a whole new level of majesty that the summertime can’t quite offer!


    As always, Kennett offers a wide variety of boutiques and storefronts for all those shoppers out there. I’ve addressed these shops in many previous posts, because I simply can’t get enough retail therapy, and this winter’s styles are pretty amazing. Some stores are even offering post-holiday sales to move some of their inventory out before the spring arrivals start rolling in. So be sure to capitalize on those to save yourself a few extra dollars.


    For those who are fans of the arts, live music, and art exhibits, there is always an event to explore in Kennett Square. From shows at Kennett Brewing Company to Grain to The Flash, there’s something to be seen almost any night of the week—and from time to time art exhibits are set up at the local gallery for people to stop by and enjoy.


    While the winter months may be dull and cold, there are plenty of wonderful places to take refuge in. Whether it’s a boutique, a bar, a gallery, or a restaurant, be sure to find your comfort space somewhere and continue to trudge on through these chilly upcoming months.