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    Scare away the winter blues with hot cocoa treats

    If I’m being honest, there are few things that motivate me to stay in Pennsylvania during the cold months of winter. In fact, if I could just pack up and roll off to a much warmer state (or a tropical island), I absolutely would. So when I find something that makes the chill a little more bearable, I latch onto it. And one of those delights just happens to be hot chocolate!


    Now if you know anything about Kennett Square, as you probably do, you know that there are two delightful coffee shops that provide this chocolatey treat. But what you may not have known is that Grain, local bar, bingo hangout, and home to Monday night trivia, also offers a boozy take on the drink.


    I discovered Grain’s offering of spiked, or as they call it, “adult” hot chocolate, one evening at trivia. Costing around $8, I was happy to find quite the selection of drinks to pick from. From mint to Irish Cream, there’s really an option for every liquor-lover. So if you love a warm beverage, chocolate, and Grain, you should certainly check out their drink menu for a delicious spiked cocoa treat.


    Moving to another home of hot chocolate, we have Talula’s Table. And if you’ve ever been there, you know that they steam-up a mighty fine cup of Bailey’s chocolate milk (aka, the best chocolate milk known to mankind). Rich, decadent, creamy, and wonderful, this hot chocolate certainly doesn’t disappoint. Especially with the Ghirardelli chocolate syrup they mix in and the whipped topping they top it with. Could you really ask for anything more? Even better, if you love the flavor, but maybe aren’t a warm beverage person, you can pick up individual sized or half gallon containers of Baileys chocolate milk for at-home enjoyment, which is something I do too frequently!


    Another hot chocolate hangout is Philter Coffee. Offering both craft drinking chocolate and a regular, house-made syrup, there’s something for everyone.


    The drinking chocolate, a delicious crushed up Dick Taylor bar of Belize chocolate, steams just right with your choice of milk (for all the dairy and nondairy lovers out there), and creates a warm, cappuccino-sized beverage that’s just enough chocolate to keep you satisfied and at peace with the cold of the winter months. You’ll taste small bits of chocolate bar in each sip, making you wonder why you’d never tried this drink before. Especially for all you dark chocolate lovers out there, this is absolutely worth giving a try. And even if you don’t love dark chocolate or have never really tried it, this is a good place to start.


    But if dark chocolate isn’t your thing, and you already know that, don’t be discouraged from Philter’s hot chocolate game, because as I mentioned earlier, they carry a homemade syrup as well for drinks made in twelve or sixteen ounce sizes, for those who are seeking a drink larger than a cappuccino. This drink can also be made with non-dairy milk, as well, if so desired.


    Overall, Kennett Square is the place to be for hot chocolate, whether you need a little something extra, which you can get from Grain with their spiked take on the beverage, or if you’re looking for something a little more standard, which you can get from either Talula’s or Philter. So the choice is yours, but if you’re looking for something to keep you warm this winter, look no further than the places mentioned above. I promise you won’t be sorry you did!