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    Female Influencers Spring 2018: Elizabeth Moro

    Elizabeth Moro brings her diverse experience as a businesswoman, environmentalist, and mother to each new challenge. “What each role has taught me is we are all inter-connected and it’s important to bring a passion for people and community to everything you do,” she says.


    Moro has spent much of her career in real estate, and she’s also been a strong voice over the years for land conservation, working class issues, and women and families. After studying political science, women’s studies, and public policy, Moro, a Michigan native, interned in the Michigan House of Representatives, researched freedom and human rights for the Fetzer Institute, created an organization encouraging women to run for office, and recently co-founded a community conservation group, Neighbors for Crebilly.


    Growing up in a large and hospitable family, Moro learned that “there’s always room for everyone at the table.” She extends that concept to her advocacy work in the community as well as to her recent campaign as a democratic candidate for Congress in the 6th district. “I tend to look at situations holistically because seldom are issues one-sided.  When you truly listen and invite people into the conversation, you hear a very different story.”  She enjoys connecting people to solutions. “If you hear of someone who has a need and someone who has what is needed, connect them and it helps everyone succeed,” she says.


    Moro is passionate about human rights and the environment, and she points out there are numerous connections between the remedies to our pressing problems. “There is an undeniable link between responsible policies and economic growth,” she says, and she’s committed to working to dispel the myth that they’re mutually exclusive.   “It doesn’t have to be an ‘either or.’ Today we have to embrace ‘both and’ so that there is room for everyone.”


    Moro has faced numerous challenges as a female candidate in a state with no women in Congress. Women have many strengths to bring to the table, including a different perspective and unique networking skills, and so she continues to work to close the gender gap in every sector. She applauds all the female leaders in Kennett Square who are paving the path for other women and giving back to their community.


    When she thinks about her own legacy, Moro says she wants to be remembered “first and foremost as a role model for young women. I want to inspire little girls to start businesses, champion causes they are passionate about, and run for elected office. We cannot move forward by leaving half of the voices behind.”