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    Making Change: worKS

    A sign over Tara Dugan’s desk encapsulates the worKS concept: “creativity, community, and collaboration.” The retail collective features the work and collections of more than 20 Philadelphia-area makers and dealers. “We bring together great small businesses under one roof to deliver a unique, locally driven shopping experience,” Tara says. Providing a fully staffed retail outlet for local makers frees them up to create and grow their own brands. “Our flexibility enables us to make a home in Kennett Square for businesses that want to have a presence here,” Tara says, and this holistic business model supports 20 families.


    Renovating the building—and replacing that one roof that brings these businesses together—was itself a creative collaboration. “My gut told me this simple block building could be made into a fantastic store,” Tara says, and her builder, Nick Basilio, embraced and executed the vision.

    “I don’t see this kind of collaboration anywhere else but Kennett Square.”

    - Tara Dugan

    Halfway through the renovations, this concept of community and changemaking took on deeper resonance. Nick discovered that his grandfather had built this 1950s-era building that Nick’s company, Mobac, was charged with bringing back to life. “Pretty cool,” Tara says.


    Upcoming creative collaborations at worKS include a great line-up of “Artists of the Month,” a spring Chairloom design event, and tons of worKShops—on papercutting, calligraphy, macramé, and more.


    Tara is excited to see the creativity, community, and collaboration throughout Kennett Square, from Philter at The Creamery to uptown events and the library’s Pop-Up Lending Library initiative. “These things happen when one organization reaches out to another, and great things result,” she says. “I don’t see this kind of collaboration anywhere else but Kennett Square.”


    worKS is open Friday-Sunday, 11am-5pm.