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The online Fig calendar is a curated list of community and advertiser events happening in Kennett Square.

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    Making Change: Jossy Osborne, Kennett Brewing Company

    “It’s the warmest place I’ve ever been,” a first-time visitor to Kennett Brewing Company recently told Jossy Osborne. That’s the greatest compliment Jossy, who runs the cozy, vibrant micro-brewery and pub with her husband Mark, could receive.


    Jossy radiates a kind-hearted energy and enthusiasm that seems to be fueled by giving to others. She loves facilitating events that connect people so they can support and encourage one another. “One of the most glorious things,” she says, “is to see someone meet another friend.” Jossy is living proof that giving back is an exponential force for good.


    KBC draws locals and visitors who come for the beer, the local music—and the community. While her husband applies equal parts science and art to brewing extraordinary beers, Jossy performs a similar alchemy bringing together caring people and worthy causes. Monthly trivia nights, numerous guest bartender nights, events to support artists, and even a pub-to-pub bike race benefit a vast array of local charities. The KBC calendar reflects the philanthropy, needs, and creativity of the community.

    “There’s a wealth of kindness here,” she says. “This is why I love this job.”

    While raising money is great, she says, these events are as much about breaking down barriers, raising awareness, and having fun. Organizations that have collaborated with KBC and that are elevating the community by bringing joy, help, and hope include the Hero Foundation, Unite for Her, local schools, the library, the Kennett Food Cupboard, and Children, Youth & Families of Chester County—the list goes on, and Jossy is always looking for more collaborators. “We have a little bit of a launchpad for anyone to get their organization out there,” she says, “and anyone who wants to do that should come to me.”


    Hospitality and volunteering have always been an integral part of Jossy’s life. She stayed home to raise their four children and sees KBC as “the next step.” KBC is still a family effort, with their son and three daughters all involved in different ways.


    Jossy is inspired by so many people she meets in Kennett Square who give of themselves, work together, and raise grassroots support to help others. “There’s a wealth of kindness here,” she says. “This is why I love this job.”