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    Fresh Face: The Body Protocol

    The future of fitness is here.

    Joe Varano, diagnosed with kidney disease at age five, is living testimony to the miracles of science. “I beat my body up doing martial arts and had five rotator cuff surgeries,” he says. His first kidney transplant was at thirteen. When that kidney failed 32 years later, he didn’t want to be on immunosuppressants anymore so he found a Northwestern Hospital research trial. Chemotherapy and radiation eradicated his immune system, and in 2016 he received his donor’s stem cells along with his kidney.


    Today, Joe is a new man in more ways than one. The self-professed science geek and IT professional wants to help others be healthy. At The Body Protocol, he educates people about how advances in fitness technology can deliver results in less time per week, without injury. “We apply science to everything else but we’ve exercised the same way for 150–200 years,” he says.

    The ARX machine provides a personalized, high-intensity, but safe workout for any fitness level in under 15 minutes.

    Twenty-first century fitness is targeted and efficient, and Joe has the cutting-edge equipment that professional athletes use. The ARX machine provides a personalized, high-intensity, but safe workout for any fitness level in under 15 minutes. A nine-minute ride on the AI-powered CAR.O.L. bike, with two 20-second sprints, burns as much fat as a 45-minute run. Results without sweat. Recovery, Joe says, is crucial and often overlooked. The red and near-infrared light of the Joovv provides multiple benefits, including improved skin health. A three-minute whole-body cryotherapy session oxygenates blood for increased energy and healing. “You’ll also burn 500–800 calories and sleep like a log,” Joe says.


    Joe enjoys living and working in Kennett Square and looks forward to helping people achieve better health. His equipment may look unfamiliar, but he urges people not to be intimidated. “It’s easy to learn,” he says and the results are completely quantifiable.