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    Giving Back: Kathleen Snyder and Casa Guanajuato

    “To know your roots is to know yourself,” says Kathleen Snyder. She helped found Casa Guanajuato to share the traditions of all Hispanic cultures with younger generations and with the wider community. Their events center on the arts as connective tissue that bridges cultures and breaks down barriers. Casa Guanajuato’s Cinco de Mayo festival is one of the top ten in the country, and every year their spectacular Day of the Dead celebration integrates art, history, and the centuries-old tradition of honoring the dead. They’re also collaborating with the Philadelphia Union to hold a World Cup soccer tournament in September. A community picnic at Anson B. Nixon Park, this year on September 15th, celebrates the independence of Mexico and other Hispanic countries with food trucks, music, flags, and traditional costumes. “The whole world is invited!” Kathleen says.

    “To know your roots is to know yourself,” says Kathleen Snyder.

    She loves the natural integration of generations at these gatherings, where adults and children share conversations, affection, and respect. “Casa Guanajuato is a family,” she says. “We’re there for each other and we’re always celebrating something.”


    Casa Guanajuato collaborates closely with other nonprofits, including KACS, LCH, the YMCA, the Kennett Library, and Historic Kennett Square. And for Kathleen personally, she enjoys assisting anyone who needs help with translation, school enrollment or navigating other services. “When you’re living in an Anglo world, there’s always a little piece missing,” she says, “but it’s a wonderful feeling to be part of this community of caring, creative people in Kennett Square.”

    Casa Guanajuato’s dream is to have their own “casa,” or home, here in Kennett Square where they can host a wide variety of classes and outreach programs and become even more deeply rooted in the community. They are a small but mighty team of only 15. Members include Vice President Sara Dickens Trillo, Secretary Gonzalo Cano, and Treasurer Jeanne Searer.



    Celebrate with them this Fall!

    Dia de los Muertos / Day of the Dead 
    Friday, November 1 & Saturday, November 2


    To learn more about Casa Guanajuato and how you can get involved visit them online at