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    The Matt Fetick Team – Showing up for the Community

    Home has a much deeper meaning than four walls and a roof to The Matt Fetick Team, a real estate group in the Brandywine Valley. They work tirelessly to find spaces where their clients can take root and grow. Supporting their community and clients is at the heart of everything they do – but the team was especially moved to lend a hand the best way they know how when Covid19 came knocking.


    MFT isn’t afraid to take extraordinary steps to provide excellent customer service. So when they were unable to provide sales services to people that needed them because of mandatory lockdowns, they asked themselves, “What else can we do to provide something of value to our clients and community?”


    They began to answer that question with three initiatives:


    The Home Project

    Originally scheduled to launch during the second week of March 2019, The Home Project collided with a pandemic’s unraveling. While The Home Project is their long term commitment to providing quality housing, Matt Fetick and his team funneled their energy into this initiative to help their community during a time of widespread uncertainty and panic. Essentially, The Home Project is a grant-based program dedicated to supporting organizations that align with MTF’s mission to improve living conditions for people in the Brandywine Valley. A portion of every sale made through MFT will help fund the program. Matt explained, “Every transaction we do, a portion of our commission goes to The Home Project and provides grants to different housing organizations to make quality housing available for everybody in the area. It’s an ongoing philanthropy of ours to provide quality housing.”

    MFT Cares

    Inspired to physically help their neighbors, especially those in need, such as people who may be unable or uncomfortable leaving their house, the team aims to provide a variety of services – even as simple as everyday errands.


    “Our goal is not to solve every problem but be a quick and immediate resource. It became really important to us to make sure that people were having their needs met, especially when the lockdown started.” Matt continued, “We’re in real estate- we weren’t allowed to show homes. We have the time. So our goal was how do we use our time, and it was to give back and help the people who have helped us in the past.”

    MFT Saves

    MFT Saves helps clients save money at a time when every dollar counts. MFT has partnered with their mortgage company and insurance company to provide no-cost or very low-cost mortgage refinancing and home and auto insurance savings.

    For the Matt Fetick Team, it’s always been more than merely selling a house. If the community is at the heart of everything they do, selling a house is the vehicle that makes it all possible.



    Click the links to learn more about The Home Project and MFT Saves. And please fill out the assistance form through MFT Cares to request help for you or someone you know who is in need.


    Written by- Amanda Murphy

    Amanda Murphy is a writer fond of fire trucks, yoga mats, and a strong cup of matcha. She can be found on her front porch in Kennett Square, sipping pu’er, and listening to her favorite podcast. Some of her work has been published on The Daily Tea, where she spent two and a half years as the editor. Amanda has a Bachelor’s degree in English from Saint Joseph’s University. She is currently a student at Vermont College of Fine Arts, where she is working towards her MFA in Creative Nonfiction.