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Discover inventive small business owners, makers, and innovators who are masters in their fields and will help you create the home of your dreams and engage with your community.

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    The Fig Experience

    Fig’s Love Local Kits celebrate independent businesses in and around Kennett Square with a powerful mix of print, digital, and social media. We love local and we love using our talents to spread the word about our amazing borough. Join us on our journey as we use creativity to change a community… for good. 

    Fig Chester County Sales Director

    Becky Galante

    Thank you for your interest in Fig! I love lifting up and strengthening communities, and am honored to work alongside the small businesses and impactful organizations of Kennett Square. Together, we create positive change in our beloved town. If you own a local business or are just starting a new venture, I’d love to hear from you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answer: Fig was created in 2005 with a mission to lift up independent businesses and organizations in great cities and towns—with the greater purpose of building stronger communities and contributing to a sustainable local economy.

    What we didn’t know, all those years ago, was that Fig would grow to represent a community at its best. It has become a place to celebrate new small businesses, thank those who are doing good works, and encourage those who need our help. It has become bigger than its three-letter name. Fig has grown to be a gathering place for new ideas and has given voice to inspiring stories of those who are leading the way in each of our local communities.

    As Fig continues to learn, change, and grow, our mission will always remain the same. We are devoted to positive communication that connects people to the places, things and experiences they love.

    Answer: A name is a powerful thing. What do you call a movement? A belief? A mission?

    We were searching for a word that would take on a meaning of its own. Not an acronym. Not a word that already identifies a feeling.

    We chose “fig” because of the many things it represents. Figs are an ancient fruit, cultivated for centuries. Figs are sweet, nourishing, and abundantly full of seeds that come together to create a beautiful whole. The fig fruit has even been known to signify unity, fruitfulness, and prosperity.

    As we respect the history of the fruit, in the same way, we honor the traditions and history of each of our Fig locations. The abundance of a fig’s seeds, and the care that goes into its growth apply to both the team within the Fig Industries studio and to the communities we represent in our Love Local Kits.

    Over the past decade, as the fig fruit has become more popular and Fig has grown, we have witnessed the important return to what matters most—our heritage, our community, and supporting each other locally. We’ve learned that less can sometimes be more, and small is special... just like a fig.

    Answer: How do you define a great place to visit or to live? Is it the quality of the housing, the entertainment options, or is it the food that draws you? We believe that great communites are built upon 6 pillars: arts and culture, boutique shopping, dining and fresh foodways, a strong sense of history, quality education, and impactful community organizations.

    We take all those great things, make them look their best, package them together, and deliver them into the hands of people who share in our unbridled passion for all things local.

    Fig helps define the brand of a destination, not by a campaign or a logo, but by its assets. We get to tell the stories of the places and people that keep you coming back again and again or that make you want to lay down roots in a place. We get to be that enthusiastic friend who knows all the best places to eat, where to stay, and what to do.

    The impact that Fig has had on all of our cities or towns is to provide a strong, unified voice—developed not by us, but by the businesses, people and non-profits who are defining their destination. They are the brand—we just have the honor of telling the story.

    The nuts and bolts of all this? In many of our Fig locations, we work directly with city revitilization groups such as a BID, an Alliance, or a Main Street organization. This ensures that we are moving in the right direction and it fits perfectly with our collaborative nature.

    Answer: Investing in marketing your business is important and the choices are many. How do you reach not just lots of people, but the people who care about and want your product?

    The Fig Love Local Kits are thoughtfully designed to be a more meaningful method of communicating the message of your business. In Fig, your business becomes the star, not something to page past in order to get to the feature articles. We represent you in your best light by professionally creating your artwork and devoting an entire Local Expert Card to each business.

    Fig is so much more than a marketing piece. There is a sense of community that can only be found inside its words. Fig reaches far and wide, with a dedicated and engaged following. And like a trusted friend, readers keep the Love Local Kits around as a resource and a way to connect.

    Lastly, at Fig Industries, we believe that good things can only come from a great team. Our Directors are the best community builders around. Our designers and photographers are award-winning, and our social media experts are a devoted team of developers and strategists. When you are in our Love Local Kit, you are truly in good hands.

    Answer: Our Fig readers are special. They believe in quality over quantity and that more is not always better. They want to get to know their neighbors and use their time to make a difference in their community. They are continual learners, striving to enrich their own lives as well as those around them. They are foodies who enjoy finding new ways to experience and share good food. They take pride in their communities and want to show them off to friends and family. And they love Fig.

    We communicate with our Fig audience in many ways. And as those ways shift and grow, we will shift and grow as well.
    Built on a foundation of direct mail, our Love Local Kits are delivered into the hands of a targeted and savvy demographic throughout your community. For those who prefer to peruse our content online, you’ll find a digital version of every Kit right on our website. Truly...we’ve got you covered!

    Even greater reach comes through our Fig social and digital channels. Our social strategists and content developers work to create engaging and relevant content for our robust Facebook, Instagram and Twitter audiences. And don’t forget email—look for Fig Weekly, a guide to connect readers to our blogs and happenings. We work hard to provide content that connects our readers to local businesses, organizations and events in all the ways that they want to hear from us.

    Answer: Once you’ve decided that Fig is for you, leave it in the hands of the talented Fig Industries team.
    We are a passionate group of marketers, designers, writers, social strategists, and photographers who will portray your business in its best possible light.

    One important thing that sets Fig far apart is the quality of our creative. Everything we do centers around good design and excellent communication. Your Fig director will work with you to craft the right messaging and come up with a visual plan. We then bring in the creative team to tell the story and pull it all together.

    After the magic happens, you have plenty of time to collaborate with us to fine tune the message and create a masterpiece. Your business will also be put in the capable hands of our digital and social team who know the newest and smartest ways to communicate to the Fig social and digital communities.

    As we all know, great things take work. Just like building a business, creating an amazing presence in Fig takes time. But don’t worry—we will walk you through the process and take care of everything along the way.... and we can guarantee that you'll have some fun in the process!