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    Exploring the Winter Farmers Market

    For those of you who know me or follow my posts on this blog, you know that I very strongly dislike the wintertime. My body hurts from shivering. The walk up the hill into town seems devastatingly long (and I love that walk in the spring and summertime!), and my fingers feel like they could crunch off by the time I get to Philter to open in the morning. It feels like it’s dark all the time, which I know it isn’t, but it just seems to feel that way.


    However, there are a few comforts that I allow myself to indulge in to ease my overdramatic suffering. One of those things is hot chocolate, and another is the Winter Farmers Market!


    The market takes place along the Genesis Walkway—same as in the summertime—but there’s something pretty magical about still being able to secure your favorite local treats any time of the year, even when it’s often too cold to want to be outside. For the sake of fresh produce, even I will make my way into the great outdoors. In fact, if you follow the market’s emails, which are typically sent out a few days before the market takes place (which for those who don’t know, is every second and fourth Friday of the winter months), you’ll find a very helpful guide that shows what venders will be present and what fruits, vegetables, and other goods they’ll be selling. Because of this informational gift, I’ve started to learn when things go into season and the best time to buy certain produce.


    While not all venders from the summer market make their way out into the cold, many of them do, and there’s always an awesome spread of goodies for purchase. From soups to enchiladas to veggies to salsa and guac, there’s something for all. For me, the tamales from Taste of Puebla make the best Friday night meal. They’re super easy to cook and for the price, they can’t be beat. Not to mention, you can pick up a side of chips or extra seasoned meat to add to the goodness and have yourself a fully delectable meal.
    But maybe you’re more of a breakfast person (hello pancakes and waffles!). Don’t be discouraged because there’s a fine selection of syrups for you to choose from, as well, to brighten up any weekend or snowy morning. Occasionally, sausage will be up for purchase too.


    Fred, of Sunset Park, is also an always-friendly face at the markets—both in the winter and summer. He sells gluten free and vegan products that are the real deal. Stop by to pick up a carrot loaf (aka a moist, delicious carrot cake with a creamy frosting), an array of whoopee pies (my favorite are the pumpkin!), or some delicious cookies (the molasses spice are where it’s at!).


    So whether you’re looking for vegetables to make a hearty beef stew for a nice Sunday evening meal or necessities for a cozy, snow day breakfast, the Kennett Square Winter Farmers Market is just the place for you!


    Next market dates: March 23, April 13, and April 27. From 3-5pm. Find out more here.