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    Female Influencers Spring 2018: Renee and Charlene Richardson

    Renee and Charlene Richardson, owners of ANCHOR life + fitness, bring a holistic approach to their mission to “help people become strong and healthy.” They strive to give an experience in the gym that is unlike any other. “Education at all levels of health and fitness is our focus. We want kids and adults alike to learn how to get stronger, make nutritious food selections, learn how to recover from stress, and create mindfulness about their own health.”


    While providing in-home personal training, Charlene found that many of her clients were missing several pieces of the health puzzle. She wanted to offer a comprehensive approach to fitness that includes yoga, massage, and nutrition, to create a unique collaboration of services. Renee brought her expertise in architectural design to create a welcoming and comfortable space. Born and raised in Kennett, she felt there was no better way to give back to the community she has grown up with and loves. Together they established the vision for a unique fitness and health facility, ANCHOR life + fitness.


    Charlene and Renee are grateful for all the encouragement they’ve received in Kennett Square, including from the many women who have supported their efforts to promote a major health movement in the heart of the town. They see women creating value and being leaders in Kennett, as more women are buying businesses and moving the town in new and amazing directions. “The network of support the women provide each other has already moved mountains in Kennett and will continue to facilitate growth in a healthy way for the town,” they say.