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    Giving Back: Elizabeth & Vince Moro

    TWO OF THE MOST PRECIOUS resources we need to nurture and preserve are land and the human spirit. They’re profoundly linked, and Elizabeth and Vince Moro are working passionately to safeguard both. “When we take care of what’s special, we thrive,” Elizabeth says.


    The couple has joined forces in the community to save irreplaceable natural treasures including Barnard’s Orchard and Crebilly Farm through their Brandywine in White events. They’ve also put their 12-acre farm under conservation easement to protect endangered species. But the story of their land, and their mission, goes even deeper.


    “Our farm is situated next to the former Chadds Peak Ski Area,” Vince says. “People gathered there, learned to ski, formed relationships.” The Moros want to preserve not only the land but also this tradition of gathering community. And so the Little Barn of Big Ideas was born. Their beautiful historic barn, featuring a large central table with room for everyone, is a place for people to come together. “Everyone has genius inside,” Elizabeth says, “and as we brainstorm, listen, and share resources, we help each other make a difference in areas where we’re passionate. We’re stronger together.”


    Elizabeth spent a lot of time outside as part of her process of healing after her disheartening run for Congress. The experience strengthened her and helped her to focus on what unites us—and she’s writing a book exploring the core values that hold us together. She calls these the Civil Graces, and they include freedom, justice, and equality as well as hospitality, integrity, and empathy. The antidote to the problems our democracy faces, she says, lies in “inspiring, engaging, and uplifting the human spirit.”


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