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    Your Beginner’s Guide to Music Venues in Kennett Square

    It’s certainly no secret that Kennett Square is a hotspot for local music and entertainment. And for fear that you might miss out on some awesome performers, I’ll just offer up some of my favorite places to sit back, have a drink, and listen to some really cool tunes. 

    Take The Kennett Flash, for instance. The Flash is a cozy space on Sycamore Alley off of E. State Street that offers a wide variety of musicians and comedians alike. While you do have to pay to enter, the space is charming and worthwhile to check out. Food and drink can be purchased while there including cheesesteaks, wings, and other pub style foods—which I highly recommend as an avid chicken wing consumer.


    My favorite performer that I’ve seen so far at The Flash has to be Dennis Melton (local architect and friendly face of Kennett Square), performing songs with his wife, son, and several friends. Mr. Melton put together a wonderful tune based on the happenings of our small and lovely town, referencing places such as Talula’s Table, Philter Coffee, and several chosen faces from the community. It was easily the most heartfelt and comical song that I’ve ever heard, and it showed just how much spirit and sense of community Kennett Square truly has.


    For those seeking a more music focused, quiet viewing experience, I would certainly say that The Kennett Flash is worth checking out. So pick up some wine from Paradox Vineyards in the Market and make your way to Flash for some stellar performances and an experience you’ll never forget.


    If you’re more about experiencing music in a bar setting where you can also catch up with old pals and throw a couple back, Kennett has plenty of those options to enjoy as well.


    Kennett Brewing Company, commonly referred to as KBC for short, is a huge participant in the music scene of Kennett Square, hosting musical performers almost every night of the week (minus Mondays because they’re closed). Most evenings are filled with some kind of entertainment like open mic night, the funky and fantastic Groove Merchants (who I would highly suggest seeing because their sound is so unique, even including a trumpet to kick up their awesome factor), local bands such as Marlboro Road and The Sermon, and many, many more.


    As an added bonus to KBC, their food and beer selection certainly holds its own. Their menu, featuring killer favorites such as their quesadillas (which happen to be my fav), pretzel bites, chicken wings, and much more, is prepared with fresh ingredients and features many specials, including festive tacos, mac-and-cheese, brisket, and whatever else they can concoct. It’s never a letdown.


    Aside from the drinks and snacks, KBC is an intimate place to really see and feel involved in the music. I love seeing live music when I’m sitting close enough to really jam out, hear everything clearly, laugh at the musician’s jokes, and thoroughly enjoy the atmosphere. KBC absolutely allows for that. So if you’ve never visited this venue, definitely make it a priority on your list of places to explore in Kennett Square.


    Another widely known bar along E. State Street is La Verona, which is also an intimate space for performers to interact with listeners. While the restaurant itself is divided into two halves—bar side and dining area—the music can be heard all throughout. The band is set up by the bar and hightop tables, making it easy to have a have a cocktail while listening to town favorites, such as Jack Marshall, who typically performs on Thursday evenings.


    The food at La Verona offers a solid variety of Italian dishes and pizzas (shout out to the Margarita pizza, which is one of my absolute favorites). Some other notable mentions if pizza isn’t your thing: the Gnocchi, any of the various “parmesan” entrees (eggplant, veal, chicken, all fabulous), and the bruschetta. You can’t go wrong with any of these dishes paired with a glass of wine or a beer.


    La Verona also offers trivia (which isn’t music, but is fun and entertaining) on Tuesday evenings, which is good for those with a backlog of random facts that need to be put to good use.


    Next up on our musical adventures is Grain. And while Grain is pretty new on W. State Street, it hasn’t wasted any time establishing itself as a contender in the music game. Hosting musicians on the downstairs floor by the main bar, Grain offers fancy music features, such as the ability to adjust the volume to set the mood or flow with the vibe of the night.


    Grain’s musical guests can be spotted Wednesday through Sunday evenings, expanding from the usual Saturday/Sunday combo that’s often featured at many restaurants and venues. The space is also ideal to enjoy a nice sit-down meal with friends or family and hear some classics and originals alike, because while I love hearing performer’s original songs, I also love to rock out to some classic covers too. With a wide selection or liquors and beer, soda and tea, there’s virtually something for everyone in this snazzy new space.


    If you’re looking for something a little more diverse with exciting musical experiences, places such as the Market at Liberty Place and The Creamery are where it’s at!


    The Creamery is a beautiful outdoor space with twinkling lights and a collection of bars and food trucks to satisfy all your snacking and drinking needs. The stage is situated back by the main bar with ample seating options that hit all the best vantage points. The Creamery has hosted bands such as Kategory 5 (who slay the classic rock game), The Sermon(who rock always, no matter where they’re playing), Marlboro Road (a staple of Kennett Square), and Blue Cat Blues, among many others. The Creamery is very kid-friendly, as well, so while you’re listening to some sweet jams, your kids can be playing giant-sized board games, munching on some ice cream, drinking one-dollar bottles of the most delicious orange juice around, or chilling with the friendly visiting pups (hallelujah for places that let you bring your pets along too!).


    The Market at Liberty Place is another live music venue, which often has performers in the center of all the shops and restaurants on Friday evenings. I refer to it as a “choose your own adventure” style experience because you can choose to hang around and listen to the music, eat and grab a smoothie, or do some shopping. The makret is very unique. It’s such a neat space where you’ll discover a wide variety of things tucked away. And the fact that they offer live music makes it even cooler. Because, let me assure you, nothing is more exciting than hanging out with a salad from Kaboburrito while listening to your favorite tunes. It certainly makes Friday evenings a little extra snazzy.


    So while I was not able to mention every place that offers music in Kennett Square, I wanted to share a beginners’ guide. Of course, it’s always a fun adventure to pick a night in town to wander the streets and follow your ears to whatever sound appeals to you the most. You certainly can’t go wrong with whatever you choose.