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    Female Influencers Spring 2018: Alexis Kletjian

    Jewelry designer Alexis Kletjian is passionate about finding the right homes for the jewelry she creates and the antique treasures she sources. “Everyone has a story,” she says, “and I’m honored to be part of so many stories, all around the world.”


    There’s no easy path to success for a designer, Kletjian says, “so I felt it was my responsibility to take full control of my own success and invest in my passion.” Two years ago, the award-winning designer relocated to Chester County and opened her first brick-and-mortar gallery on State Street in Kennett Square. “It has been incredibly rewarding, and I’m thrilled to offer another layer of experience to my collectors,” she says.


    Like these layers of experience for her collectors and the beautifully layered combinations of pieces she creates, there are many layers to her own growth as an artist. Kletjian, who studied scale, design, and sourcing in the fashion industry, is always learning and discovering new things, and her work continues to evolve organically. “With every new piece of jewelry I create,” she says, “I grow as a designer. I am always looking forward to growing my brand and learning more about gemstones and the incredible eras that our antique jewelry hails from.” She loves connecting and collaborating with her collectors and working with her talented team members around the world who help bring her jewelry to life. Her gallery is only eight months young, and she looks forward to meeting and working with new collectors. “Local growth is priority number one,” she says.


    “Every day,” Kletjian says, “I create jewelry to adorn the legacies of my collectors near and far. Not only do these Legacy pieces tell their story, but they’re part of my story, too. I am very blessed to have such wonderful collectors who trust in me to deliver pieces of them in gemstones and gold, treasured mementos of their time here on earth. These pieces will be around longer than all of us, and that’s exciting.”


    Kletjian encourages other women to be active in telling and creating their own stories. When asked what advice she would give to other women she says, “No one will give you exactly the life you want,” she says, “you have to create it for yourself.”